The Seminar, Methodology For Its Preparation And Conducting 

This article tells you about the seminar, methodology for its preparation and conducting
In modern high school, along with the lecture, there is a seminary classroom as an important form of the training organisation.

The seminar is closely linked to lectures and other forms of academic work as thesis writing at a higher educational institution and are oriented towards the formation of students’ skills and abilities to independently acquire knowledge. They promote the development of cognitive activity and amateur activities of students to a greater extent than any other form of organisation of training, ability to express and argue their own thoughts, critically analyze arguments of opponents, and also help to deepen the mastery of fundamental knowledge, the formation of beliefs, and the development of an active life position.

Seminars in high school perform the following functions:

  • A combination of lecture forms of education with the systematic independent work of students over textbooks, manuals and primary sources, their theoretical training with the practical, the formation of cognitive motivation, the custom research paper writing at
  • To teach students to creatively work with textbooks, manuals and other materials, to refer them, to prepare reports, speeches and reports on particular issues and to speak with them in classes before classes and students, to defend their views;
  • The development of creative professional thinking, skills and abilities of mental work, use of theoretical knowledge for the solution of practical professional tasks;
  • The formation of students interested in research in the field of a certain science and their involvement in the research carried out by the department, in student circles and societies;
  • The organisation of repetition, consolidation of knowledge, systematic control of students’ work and verification of their knowledge, skills from separate topics and sections of the program.

Before the seminar students receive a plan of employment – the questions they must answer, the literature, some writing tips and the task of the course.

Preparation of students for seminars.

The quality of the seminars depends on the level of preparation of students and teachers. There are three forms of preparing students for different types of seminars:

1) all students prepare messages on key issues;

2) each student prepares a lecture on a certain topic;

3) the student independently prepares a writing thesis of a topic, containing elements of a research character.

All forms of preparation for seminars allow to revealing not only knowledge of students and their readiness for independent work, but also their attitude to studying.

Preparation for the seminar is carried out in several stages: listening to lectures on the topic of the seminar, selection of literature, studying and annotation of the recommended literature, compilation of the text of the speech (plan, report, thesis writing), direct participation in the seminar.

At the lecture, the student should listen carefully to the issues that are announced by the teacher, which will be considered at the seminar. The recommended literature should be processed in advance.

When collecting material for a performance, it is necessary to take into account its value, informative. It is necessary to avoid the transfer of facts since the accumulation of parts prevents convincingly build proofs. The form of presentation of the material, too, should be clear, literally literate, but without verbal book expressions.

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