OK Jaanu Vote Final Result | How To Do Ok Janu Voting 2017

OK Jaanu Vote Media is all set to cover all the promotional updates of Shaad Ali’s upcoming movie “OK Janu” starring Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor. The movie is all set to release on 13th January just have a look at this sizzling trailer. The team ‘OK Jaanu” has started a online event 2017 where they want the viewers to join the voting of OKJanu event 2017 on the official site. The last day of event is 13th January 2017 morning & the winner get surprising prizes and other gift hampers. You just need to sign in to this official site by just typing your email id and password.

OK Jaanu Vote Discussions by Aditya & Shraddha:

❤Aditya Roy: What about Dear Baby?

Shraddha Kapoor: Jaanu

❤Aditya Roy: Sweeta?

Shraddha Kapoor: No Jaanu..!!

❤Aditya Roy: But, Let’s Ask Someone, so you tell me what you call your jaanu ?

Shraddha Kapoor: Can we ask India, what to call the baby?

❤Aditya Roy: India?

Shraddha Kapoor: Guys what you call your Jaanu?

❤Aditya Roy: OK fine, we will ask India. Search for “OK Jaanu Vote” on Google & put in your votes?

Shraddha Kapoor: Ok Thank You.

❤Aditya Roy: What is the releasing date of “OK Jaanu”?

Shraddha Kapoor: 13th January 2017

❤Aditya Roy: What is the date of OK jaanu voting result?

Shraddha Kapoor: Check Here Voting Result

Steps Of OK Jaanu Vote :

1: First Google Search “OK Janu Vote” online.

OK Jaanu Vote

2: You will Find different options like Baby, Babe, Cutiepie, Darling, Jaanu, Sweeta, etc. Just select one from these options

Ok Janu Vote

3: You can now rate them in 1,2,3.

4: What do you call your Jaanu?

5: Now, just Sign in by entering your Gmail & Password.

ok janu voting result

Basic Details of OK Janu Vote:

Movie Name  Start Date End Date
 OK Jaanu 12 December 2017 13 Jan 2017
ok jaanu vote 12-12-2016 12 Jan 2017


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