How do I Login to a Regular Email Address?

Have you ever logged in using the address? If so, when was the last time? You must log in at least once per year in order to keep the account active. Failure to log in means the account gets closed and the mailbox contents permanently deleted.

my original sign in acc this post’s about must have gotten closed, etc as you wrote about might have occurred

  • don’t remember time frame last logged into that acc
  • was my original e acc that was using when my PC went down
  • was a long delay of many months before could even consider looking into PC situation
  • medical issues came up which resulted in differ procedures & surgeries
  • a family member needed me soon after was back on my feet to help a lot with 1st child need, etc til a lil bit after the birth of 2nd child
  • then was still needed for a while with both children til parent got back on their feet & got their life rearranged
  • finally was able to work on PC situation
  • when finally got back on net, couldn’t access my e acc
  • a relative gave me their hotmail login acc they were gonna let go
  •  I changed pass & still use that acc

Try to contact Microsoft Account support in this link:

It’s a chat support that will be directed to them.

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